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Jim K5SP

K5SP wants to get on, but family is getting in the way.  Have great granddaughter here this weekend and xyl doesn't want to hear that there is a contest....

Jim, K5SP

On 5/27/2017 2:15 PM, steve@... [070] wrote:


My count is definitely down from last year. Very long gaps between Qs.  I've had a lot more "almost qso's" this contest weekend then past, where I get a reply to a CQ, i send my exchange, exchange from other station not heard..   I think someone keeps tripping over the 20m cord and pulling it out of the wall.   

As has been the case the past few months,  20 didn't wake up until late in the morning.  It's very weak here now (1500 eastern), but has been up and down all weekend. When it opens up I get a whole lot of weak traces from europe for a minute or so, and then fades out with just a few traces left.

40 wasn't bad last night, a lot of solid signals, but there were not a lot of 070 members on...

I am seeing a ton of cw activity on the low side of 20 for the cq cw wpx contest.  Maybe everyone has migrated to cw and jt65 to cope with solar cycle.

On the bright side, I'm getting a lot more gardening (well, weed pulling) done today than I had thought I would....

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