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Welcome Art.  You will have fun here.  Guaranteed!

Will look for your call.

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Welcome aboard, Art !  

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Hi Everyone,
First of all my apologies for taking forever to finally join the PODXS 070 Club.  I should have done this a few years ago, but other Ham and personal activities kept me from joining. Now retired, I was playing l
ast weekend in the 1010X Digital Spring QSO Party.  I worked one 1010X member!!  I heard several other PSK31 stations and most were PODXS 070 members. I decided to get off my tail and apply.

I have been on PSK31 since the early-2000's and was a result of my VHF Weak-Signal digital activities (WSJT) and decided to put the HF Rig to good use. I played (handed out points) in a few TARA and 1010X events plus Field Day. I operate from 40 to 2 Meters, but you may know me or have heard of me by my PropNET escapades on 10 Meters. PropNET uses timed PSK31 formatted packets for real-time propagation reporting.

My favorite band has always been 10 Meters.  In 2005, I began what turned out to be a 7-Year study on 10-Meter Spring/Summer Sporadic Es propagation. In 7 years I collected, mined, compiled and analyzed 87,000 packets from almost 200 PropNET participants. The system provided a statistically sound method to identify what Spring/Summer Es do during a lull between 2 Solar Cycles. I have published these results for the Central States VHF Society Conference, and have presented this material at conferences, conventions, and Ham Radio clubs. If you are interested, a few of my studies, recaps and observations on propagation are available on my personal Blog:
Warning... some are a long long read.  I am a Math nerd.  Read my p! rofile on the Blog.

I am currently about 50-75% active on 10-Meter PropNET. When I am on, I have my system's Robot active . A number of others have theirs on as well.  You hear us, send our call twice DE your call twice within 200 Hz and our Robot will answer you with a QSO number and station information. It is a nice way to confirm you have propagation. On 10 Meters, we operate at 28,118.8 kHz +1500 Hz.

As mentioned, the Es Season has begun. There have been 3 nice openings and it is very early in the season. 6 and 10 Meters should be fun for the next 17 weeks.

I operate a 30-year old Yaesu FT-747GX for HF and a Yaesu FT-726R or 290R for VHF(6 or 2M) into a good old RIGblaster with one of two Dell Desktop computers.  When not on PropNET, I use Hamscope, DM780 and Digipan.  I also operate lots of CW and occasional RTTY. I also enjoy doing WSPR when I get frustrated with PropNET. You can hear my voice mostly on 2 & 6-Meter SSB.

I am hopeful that the XYL leaves me alone to watch Car Racing and operate in the Three Day Weekend event coming up. I hope to work many of you in the future.
73 Art Jackson KA5DWI 070 #2518 Dewey AZ
Ex-Texan (de Fort Worth)

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