Re: CE1ANF CQ'n on 20m at 20:36 zulu

Rick - N7WE

Yes Joe, I hate it.  On days when I'm feeling forgiving and compassionate, I remind myself that propagation is not always reciprocal and tell myself "They probably couldn't see the other station calling on frequency."

On days when I'm not too understanding (most days) I tell myself "They probably saw a weak trace but couldn't decode the call.  They think if they call CQ right on the station's frequency that they will come back to them, or swing the beam, or up the power and they will bag a rare one."  Then my head goes through possible descriptors - newbie, OBB (operator behaving badly) and LID - being some of the nicer ones.

I usually hang on frequency for a while in hopes I will get another shot.  Most times I give up and spin the knob.  Then I tell myself the only person I can control is me and vow to never do what I just saw done. Deep breaths....and on to the next QSO.

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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