Re: CE1ANF CQ'n on 20m at 20:36 zulu

Don't ya just hate it when that happens?  I can't tell you how many times that I have been set to grab a station and they get completely wiped out or someone comes on immediately adjacent and you can't copy either one.  You would think that as narrow a signal as we have that it wouldn't happen as it does.  I think that it is proportional to the value of the DX.
I don't know why needed stations or DX stations seem to attract this attention so much.  RF magnets at work?
Condx have been really crappy here for the last few months.  The 20m band is only really open for a few hours a day but strong signals have been coming in from Europe so I guess there is hope.
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Thanks for the spot Jeff.  I just caught the trace and another Caribbean station started calling CQ right smack on top of him.  He's now working other stations and I only catch a bit of the CE's call sign in breaks in their QSO.  Frustrating.  But thanks for the spot.  Keep them coming.  Need all the help I can get or I'm not going to make the 20 by year end!

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