Re: Well that goes that in the contest

Bill Garwood

I always keep a paper backup of all of my digital qsos.  For day to day operation, it is on a yellow legal pad.  Not a real log, but enough information that I could reconstruct a log with using my notes.  For the 070 Contests, I have a form I fill in as I'm going along and I also make notes on that form with multipliers and list the call signs I've seen on the waterfall that I have not worked yet etc.  For the 070 contests that use more than one band, I have a separate sheet for each band.  Usually with PSK31, there is enough time between qsos etc that keeping up with the paper log has not been an issue.  I try to log everything in DXKeeper as the contest progresses.  Before sending in my .adif to the contest checker, I compare the .adif with the paper log notes and that helps eliminate errors.

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK FM16 in NE NC.


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My computer had a system crash, more likely a my motherboard is going out on my computer , the computer crashed and corrupted my log! , I was able to get partial of the log back from recovering a deleted file, but I think around 2 hours worth of the log is missing from the contest! SO sorry to the guys that I worked probably not getting a QSL card from me or if you send me some infos on you worked me, maybe I can remember your call and add it to the log again with all the times, reports etc.. I think I'm good to AC4M;W0GLB;2017 04 01 19:31:34, I just can't remember what time my crash was maybe around 22hours UTC? 


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