Re: Power out issue Looking for HELP

Craig AC4M

I assuming you are using the mic input, make sure your mic gain is up at a normal level in my case about half the amount required for voice , then only turn up the signalink to get 100watts output with your meter doing around 50watts on no text going out and swinging towards 100watts when text is going out , If you have a RF Power knob then use it to lower the RF output to what ever level you desire. If you do not have the RF power output control you will be forced to lower your audio to the desire out put
, but if you do the first step I was speaking of that would be the absolute max your audio ever should go. Also check the ALC for no action then, if the meter is swinging in psk31 your audio should be about right. If the peak reading meter stays about the same place all the time in bpsk31, then your audio is probably too hot. Maximum  swing is what you are after, even in other modes you will notice a slight change in the power output as well when audio set up correctly. I just leave my windows mixer at 100% all the time and control my audio via signalink.

 I think there might be a internal jumper in the Signalink that increases the sensitivity of out going audio Here is the trouble shooting steps in manual

 Radio switches to transmit but there is no RF power output, or it is too low. 

· If the SignaLink is configured with jumper wires, then you may have installed the "MIC" or “G” jumper incorrectly. The jumper may be installed in the wrong location or it may not be pressed in all the way. Please go back and double-check ALL jumpers carefully making sure that you are using the correct settings for your cable. Most radios have a couple different cable options with different jumper settings, so be sure you've selected the correct one. See the “Installing Jumper Wires” section of this manual for details. 

· If you have installed a jumper module inside the SignaLink instead of jumper wires, then double-check that you have the correct module installed, that it is properly configured, and that it is properly inserted in the jumper socket. See the “Installing a Plug & Play Jumper Module” section of this manual for details. 10 ·

 Confirm that your radio is attached to a known good antenna or dummy load, and that your SWR is good.
 Confirm that your position in the waterfall or spectrum display is withing the audio bandpass of your radio. This is typically 500-2500Hz although it can be wider on newer radios (or much narrower if you have a narrow filter selected!). If you are too far left or right in your program's waterfall or spectrum display, then your radio will be unable to pass the modulation and you'll have little to no RF power. 

· If you are using a CAT interface to control your radio and the SignaLink is attached to the Data or Accy Port, then you need to disable "PTT by CAT Control" (or similarly worded option) in your communication program, so that the SignaLink can key the radio. This is necessary because most radio's will only look at the Mic jack for Transmit Audio if the radio is switched into Transmit by a CAT command. ·

 Verify that your radio’s RF Power control (sometimes called “Forward Power” or “Carrier Power”) is set to maximum. This is often a menu setting on newer radios. · If the SignaLink is attached to your radio’s Data or Accy Port, then the radio might not be configured properly or in the correct mode. 

Most newer radios must be in a "digital" mode when using a Data or Accy Port connection and the digital mode must also be properly configured in the radio's menu system. Please see the “Radio Setup” section of this manual for details. ·

 If the SignaLink is attached to your radio’s Mic jack, then try increasing the radio’s “Mic Gain” control. This affects the Transmit Audio level going into the radio, and if it is too low then you'll have no power. ·

 If the SignaLink is attached to your radio’s Data or Accy Port, then try increasing the radios menu-based Transmit Audio Input level adjustment (if available). This will affect the Transmit Audio level going into the radio, and if it is too low then you'll have no power. Note that the “Mic Gain” control may also affect the Data/Accy Port on some radios, so it is also worth trying. 

· If your radio has a built-in USB connection, then you need to be sure that the radio's "Modulation Source", "Transmit Audio Source" or similarly worded menu item is set to "ACC", “Data”, or whatever setting connects it to the jack that the SignaLink is attached to (Data/Accy Port, etc.). 

· The Windows “Wave” PLAYBACK volume control can be adjusted higher than the recommended 50% level. This will increase the Transmit Audio to the radio which will increase the RF power output. ·

 See the “Special Jumpers” section of this manual and enable jumper JP3. This will dramatically increase the SignaLink’s Transmit Audio level. Note that this is NOT needed for most radios, so you really need to be sure that everything else has been checked before doing this.

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