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Morris WA4MIT

I played around with this on JT65 a good while back I never got on the air with it but did rec a few pics and I believe they do not transmit the pics your really providing through the internet a connection (link) to stored pics but you would see the pics in a frame in the software. You use to see stations calling CQ in this mode but I very rarely see this anymore it was a passing fad about 2 years ago the JA.`S were big in this. 73 wa4mit Morris

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How else are they gonna swap porn  ???   The FBI/CIA etc. is tracking cellphones !    Ha-ha  !

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I had sent W7VAN an email asking what this was.  I finally heard back from him, and the story is....(as near as I can understand).......

"Several of us hams that have history in JT65 have had past and current time with using some of the image modes on the air that  are using a mode that send images using psk.  The author of the image mode we are using is JQ1HDR.  He has written a program called JT65_HF Image Controller.  It interfaces with the JT65-HF programs that many are using.  I use a program by HQ9HQX.  JQ1HDR also produced a program that copies psk to interface with his Image program.  Many in Japan are using both JT65 and psk to send pictures as well as the US and Europe.  The modes have been fun.  It also requires internet, but I would guess you most have that.  If that sounds interesting, let me know, I can help you get started."

I told him TU but I'll pass! 

Just what we need...image TX in the PSK and JT frequencies!  Just my opinion.

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