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Martin Tuip

There are a handful left but not many there. The UK is more rare than north cook islands (which has 2 operators) for me.  I, however, have been following k7pax posts on the hexbeam and it is one I hope to get up on my property. I have experimented with several antennas the last 12 months and none were any better than the dipole that is already up.

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DX hasn't been all the plentiful here as it has been in past years.  Decline in propagation has contributed to that plus it seems many station have gone to other digital modes.  The appearance of TU2C (Ivory Coast) last week was brief and it was a country I still need on PSK. 

The ON5PS  I posted earlier was gone before I could work him.   I feel your frustration.

Hang in there things might get better.   Keep your eye/antenna on the pacific and watch for all those islands out there... there might be some you still need there or in Asia.

Happy hunting !

Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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I am loving the upcoming summer months when I finally can get some rare DX for me like the UK and Scotland (no joke).   I need those countries to finally get my DXCC.
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ON5PS  about 14071.2 @ 17.10  with some QRM

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OQ6P and ON5UN both calling CQ near 14.071.400 at 14:55 UTC.  Strong into central FL.

Rick - N7WE
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