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With no ID, it would be considered an unlicensed transmission and perhaps even broadcasting. In any event it's illegal.

Obviously their transmission isn't legal ... But if you reply to it with ID, is that also illegal? That's what i'm curious to see a reference for.

Not advising to ever reply (as Rick said, best not to), just wondering on the exact rule.
I’ve heard this before. This is what I’ve worked out previously.

97.111(b)(2) defines one-way being allowed "Brief transmissions necessary to establishing two-way communications with other stations;”

Which this arguably is the case (you are trying to establish communication). Just because they don’t answer, that’s not your problem. However once you start talking to them (i.e., they answer),

97.111(a) says you can’t have a two-way conversation with just anyone.

(1) is talking to another amateur
(2) is relief action
(3) is emergency
(4) is government stations
(5) is non-regulated but they are authorized by the FCC

It all boils down to defining the state of the other station. Do they fall into an appropriate category under 97.111(a)?
If they don’t fit (1)-(5) (which they wouldn’t be if they don’t ID), you are in violation.

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