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If the FCC comes to door and asks to inspect one's station, provided they have proper ID, it's best to let them in. I recall a couple cases where they were flatly refused and it didn't go well for the offender. 


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Thanks Jerry-

I already got a response from our OO for the section.  You are right...not anything they can do at this point.  But he did say he would include my complaint in his report...which is what we want right now.  Make the ball big!  If and when it is big enough, then in the past our OO got the Section Manager involved, and he got the ARRL Hq guys to bug the FCC.  Then things started happening.  But it takes time, time, time. And documentation, documentation, documentation.

When the station is not IDing, the FCC seems to get more excited and starts direction finding.  I should imagine that when the FCC bangs on your door while you are transmitting and demands inspection of your station, it tends to get your attention.  It has happened!  But now that field offices and staff have been so greatly downsized, ham complaints are probably way down the list.  But we did get action that resolved the issue.  Of course, that was then.  Now is now.

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