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Jerry N9AVY

Not sure if that will bring any action.  The ARRL OO program seems to be in limbo since the departure of the ARRL OO program administrator last Fall.  There was some mention that his duties would be taken over by "staff", but I haven't seen that, yet. There was also talk of the OO program becoming more closely tied to FCC, but that has as yet failed to materialize.

As an OO, I monitored the same transmission that you did, but without an ID there was little I could do because there was no call given, I could not send out an Official Observer Advisory Notice.  If this happens again I'll try to catch an ID if one is given. 

My take is that the guy was copying PSK31 signals, knew they were legal data signals and was just trying to stir up trouble.

Jerry, N9AVY

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Good morning all-

Unfortunately I have some experience with dealing with intentional interference in a prior club role.  It can be dealt with, but it takes time and effort.

The fact that this individual failed to ID tells me this was not simply a "misinformed" individual seeking to be helpful.  Regrettably, my experience has been this type of behavior will be repeated and is not self-correcting.  And the only way to impact it is through the FCC and the ARRL OO program.  It takes time and documentation, documentation, documentation to get any action, but it eventually happens.

To that end I filed an Interference complaint with the FCC this morning using their on-line complaint form.  I also sent my ARRL Section Manager and ARRL OO the following:

Rick here -
N7WE - ARRL Member # 2000168852
Leesburg, FL 34748

Last evening between about 00:30 UTC and 01:30 UTC I was operating PSK31 between 7.070 and 7.072.  I observed an individual intentionally and repeatedly interfering with stations calling CQ and in-progress QSOs.  He was using sufficient power to jam the in-progress QSOs.  The text he or she transmitted was:

7.Ø8Ø-7.125 RTTY/Data
7.Ø8Ø-7.125 RTTY/Data
7.Ø8Ø-7.125 RTTY/Data
You are operating out of data band!!
I will be sending a repo.  into ARRL Bureu

He or she specifically jammed a QSO between myself and KZ3T - Dan Morris - at approximately 01:00 to the point that we were unable to complete the QSO.  At no time during this period did the station identify. 

As I only have a vertical, I am unable to provide an azimuth on the transmissions.  Hopefully, this was a one-time occurrence and the individual will correct their ways. Experience tells me that is probably an idle hope.  Thus this email to you.   Should the behavior persist, I will let you know and ask for your assistance.

I am also filing a complaint of intentional interference and failure to identify with the FCC  via the on-line complaint system.

Thank you & 73,

Rick - N7WE
Leesburg, FL

If you were interfered with, or saw others being interfered with, please consider making an FCC complaint and informing your Section Manager and OO.  The "ball" has to get really big before it starts rolling!

One other caution - and this was passed to our club from those who deal with these situations.  DO NOT ENGAGE THE INDIVIDUAL.  This only incites them and caused them to become more devious and harder to track down.


Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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