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Steve W3HF

Paul -

I've done all four of these.

1) I've used a quick-and-dirty approach to remote operation: Chrome Remote Desktop. Like some of the other suggestions, you have complete access to anything on the shack computer. As an added bonus, I've also used it to remote into my parents' two computer (for remote tech support) and my daughter's laptop at college (to help her with a statistics assignment.) It's a free download from the Google Play Store. This option has the advantage of being cheap (free) and easy to set up.

2) Many of you have worked me from certain portable operations--VQ9HF, W3HF/KH6, W3HF/3 come to mind. I've operated with both an FT817 and an FT857. The latter made it easier to make QSOs from Diego Garcia. Antenna was from the article in QST back about fifteen (!) years ago, and I carry a small Windows laptop. I've taken that station (literally) halfway around the world, all packed in a single suitcase with my clothes, etc. (The laptop and radio were usually in a carry-on.)

3) I've operated at Bill W7QQ's station in California (back when he lived there), and he has operated from my station here in PA. 

4) And I've obviously operated from a number of club stations--W3HF/0, W3HF/6, and W3HF/KH2 were all from clubs of one sort or another. If you can make this work, this may give you a better-equipped station than taking your own.

On 03/05/17, Bill Williams ag4qx@... [070]<070@...> wrote:

One solution is to visit a club in the area.  Our club would be happy to have someone use one of the radios but getting a member to open the shack on the right day/s might be a problem.


On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 2:58 PM, Paul Butzi kg7stv@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

Ok, after arranging most of this year’s travel so that I could complete the 365/366 endorsement this year, the best laid plans have gone astray and now I’m faced with needing to make QSO’s on may 26th and 27th but will be in Boulder, CO at that time.

The possible solutions I see are:
1) find a way to set my current rig for portable operation
2) acquire/borrow a rig that will let me operate portably, said rig being small enough/light enough to travel by air with.
3) arrange with some ham to use his PSK capable rig at the destination for the 2 days I will need QSO’s

Anyone have other ideas not covered by those options?

To my eye the one that sounds appealing is option 2, as it leaves me not only with a solution to the immediate problem but also gear to operate while I am traveling.

Suggestions on gear for portable operation eagerly solicited.

73, don’t forget to smile and have fun

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