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Morris WA4MIT

The vast majority of computer sold have only sound card you have to add a second sound card to use same computer for other purposes while on the air. Now back in windows 98 the sound card set up had many more options that you could mute the different inputs when you using one these new computers do not have these options. I have heard people playing games, what sounded like monitoring a repeater, you name it and its been sent out over the air. 
73 Morris WA4MIT

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That may not be the problem at all.

It is quite possible for a computer to have multiple sound "cards". The computer I use for my station has three sound cards.
One is the internal sound card connected to the internal speakers of the laptop. This is default sound card used for music, videos, error alert sounds, etc.
The second sound card is the one built into my ICOM 7600 radio that is used for digital sound card modes.

The third sound card is part of a sound mixer that is connected to my radio for SSB phone.

As long as I have the correct sound card selected for each software application, everything works fine. However, if I make a mistake and select one of the sound cards that are connected to my radio as the default sound card then any sounds generated by my computer can go out over the radio. Even if I had a computer dedicated to my station that I never used for anything else,  the default sound card setting could be set incorrectly.

I suspect improper sound card settings are the reason for strange sounds going out over the airwaves.

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Unbelievably  I have had people suggest that using your computer’s speakers and the mic input on another computer is a completely acceptable way to run sound card digital.  Just don’t sneeze :)

73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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In hear a lot of this... mostly on 20m.    I hear computer sign on sounds, people talking on voice, music and whatever.  It has been going on for past few years. 

 Mostly  I believe it's a bunch of people who use their computer for everything when they should have a dedicated computer for ham radio only.  

Jerry  n9avy

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Haven't heard it here today, rarely hear music but there is at least one station out there that uses the computer soundcard for audio.  Quite often you can hear it boot or other computer sounds.  One day you could hear him playing solitaire!  Doesn't mute the mic either, I've been able to hear voices in the background but not enough to identify the station of course.  Fortunately it doesn't usually last very long nor is it all that frequent but it does happen.
Harry, K9HW
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First time I've ever heard something like this - is it common????
Will QSY to 40m, I guess.

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