Re: PSK on 30M

Brian (N2MLP)

I use 10.140 there is a mixture of PSK and JT65/9



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Hello all ..
I got a delema .. I have been trying to do some PSK on 30m .. all the info i read says set your radio dial to 10.140 USB .. when i do all i see on the waterfall is JT65 and JT9 at that setting ;(  Is this the right Freq for PSK .. i thought the JT ppl are suppose to be @ 10.137 .. i spose if they are on USB also the transmitted freq would be around the .140 area but with that said the PSK is unusable for me at that Dial setting .. is there an ALT freq we as PSKers use on 30M .. can someone help that is way smarter than i am .. any help would be greatly appreciated



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