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Joe, et al,

I’ve got 2 of the KK7UQ PSK meters as shown in the link below. They’ve performed flawlessly and are a great addition to use with these modes.

Assembly was easy, the accompanying software is good.

You have a choice of an update speed of 1 sec or ½ second.

I give it an honest 5 star rating.




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Very interesting. Has anyone tried one of these?

$44.95 and a little assembly time is looking pretty tempting to me. I am using a Microham Microkeyer with my internal sound card. I have to tweak the knobs every time i use a different frequency. As much as I like twisting knobs, I'm never sure what is coming out the other end. I have an external sound card, better cables and some ferrite beads on the way but I still think this device would be helpful, if it works as advertised.....

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