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Joe Cook

Thanks Rick. I have only been doing digital mode for about 5 months or so but am already hooked. I bought the microham used; originally to use as an interface between an iambic key and an old boat anchor AM rig. Once I got it I realized I could do much more on the FT-450 so there it is. I hear great praise from signallink owners and "should" switch, but I already have this so I am stubbornly determined to make it work correctly.
I didn't like the idea of having to tap in to my RF cable either, but I run 2 computers at my station so I don't think getting everything to play nice will be an issue. I didn't see how much power it could handle, so If I swap to 100 watts for SSB, what happens then?? The plot thickens...
On another note, I read where some folks don't appreciate being told about their trace, but I am thankful for any advice anyone gives. One day on a QSO, the other guy told me my trace was a bit wide. We worked together to get it in line. I thanked him and he recommended I check out the PODXS 070 club. Here I am!

I will look at the eham reviews. I have a few more days till pay day so I have time to think on it. If I do decide to try the PSKMeter, I'll let you know how it handles.

Thanks again for the advice!

Joe - KG5KRZ
070 #2487

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