40m in W6 land.



Must be an anomaly?

I’ve got 11 traces on 40m, 7070, right now.

Mike, K6MKF, what say you up in Silicone Valley?






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Sorry , but it was your signal as well as 2 or 3 others.  Seems to be  on my radio. So, don't start tearing into your radio to find a non-existant problem.


Jerry  N9AVY


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Please tell me it wasn't my signal!


40 died here, down to 80 and nothing but W1AW cw.



Jim K5SP 




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Thanks Mike !


Just looked at  K5SP  on 49m a few  minutes ago.   About 6-8 Hz. either side of his main signal I can see 2 "sidebands"  which have same data as main signal.  Might be my sound card flaking out ...  could be time to finally switch over to Tigertronics USB.


Appreciate the info.


73,  Jerry  N9AVY





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Hi Jerry,


I’ve seen this often with very strong signals input to a soundcard.  


I think the soundcard creates sidebar artifacts around the central strong trace that contain the same information as the primary signal.  The decode software algorithm will decode the sidebars just fine.


When the signals are at normal levels, I don’t see the sidebars.


Just my guess …


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, IDXC 2017 Committee


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Last night and today I saw a single signal on 40m and it was strange looking.  No setting on rig have changed as far as I know.


What I saw was three signals with the center one being the primary and on either side (about 10-15 hz) were sidebands with same station. It was a zero in MN who was working a KC7 .   Both stations seems to have same problems.   Am thinking it may be my FT-1000 MP  or weird propagation.


Any have an explanation ???


Jerry  N9AVY  #454



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