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Bill Garwood

I'm on the east coast.  Recently, 40 meters has been terrible while 80 meters has been about normal so in the recent Valentine's Sprint, I worked more 80 meter stations than 40 meter stations.  40 meters is closing up here around 0200 UTC.  It used to be open much later in the evening.  I do get the occasional DX station on 40 meters an hour or two before sunset beginning around 2100 UTC.  Last night, Hawaii was coming in on 40 meters when the band seemed to be dead.

I started with JT-65 in January and it seems like the stations I'm seeing on 40 and 80 meters at night are a lot of the same ones I used to see on PSK31.  I think some of the time the PSK bands are not completely dead, it is just there are not many operators on there.  We've seen this for years on 30 meter PSK31, band is open but nobody's home.

I'm usually not in the shack much after 0400 UTC.

Y'all keep posting when you need a QSO for the 365 award and I'll try to look for you.

Are 60 meter QSOs accepted for the PODXS Awards?  That might be another option when 40 meters is "dead".


Bill N4GBK

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I am on 80 quite often around 0100-0200Z (not recently due to illness).  Have worked western states during that time frame.

Will try to be there this evening.

Jim, K5SP

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What time are you finding activity on 80m at night?  I usually get on around 06:00 UTC or so every night and haven't seen anyone there lately.  Rarely anyone on 40m lately at that time either.  I'm in NV.  I should note that JT65 is usually quite busy at those times on both bands.


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