Re: MFJ-1279 Help ?

Jerry N9AVY

Okay on not working with 746PRO.  They have a pin out for jumpers for use with 716.  There is a different 1279M or 1279T models are for radios with 4 wire mic plugs.

Tried to talk him into a Tigertronics USB, but he was dead set of MFJ because that's what he used to have...aaaaarrrrgghhhh ! 

Thanks  !   I'll have another go at it later this week.

Jerry  n9avy

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I don't know about the 718, but the MFJ 1279 will not work with the 746 Pro. The MFJ techs couldn't figure out why that was so. I never owned a 718, but it may a similar design feature that prevents that 1279 from functioning through the mic connector. It does fine on cow transmit though.


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