Re: Why not QSL?

Jerry N9AVY


Some guys are just slow and after they've worked everything, then they decide to QSL, hi !

My oldest QSL came in after 38 years...

If you watch LoTW and Eqsl, you can see the new guys who after years finally decided to use services.

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A possible reason for the long delay is maybe that particular Ham has only recently registered with EQSL and decided to upload his entire log from the beginning of time.  I've had QSL's from 7 years ago suddenly show up.
The reason that I signed up for the various logging systems is because so many had asked me for them.  Personally I still enjoy receiving and envelope in the mail with something inside that does not say "you owe".
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To quickly and briefly jump in here.......
I love to QSL, both with a card and electronically: though I have to confess I have a very small stack of cards that I need to respond to.

I use all the electronic log books, LoTW, EQsl, QRZ etc and upload to them either immediately or soon.

I do get confirmations from years ago though....... as others decide to get into the electronic on line age.......

Ok, done, thanks for listening.
Fr Richard
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On Monday, January 30, 2017 2:46 PM, "Jerry n9avy@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

Amen David ! 

Those same people are the same ones who whine & complain when the FCC  does something negative to ham radio and a quick to blame ARRL. 

THE USE OF LOTW is NOT limited to MEMBERS ONLY.  Anyone can use LoTW, member or not.  The only time membership is required is when awards are applied for and then it's about 15 cents per confirmation which is relatively cheap.  Much cheaper over a longer time and you don't through the panic of saying good-bye to a large chuck of your hard-earned cash in one lump.

Most of the PSK/digital operators seem to prefer using Eqsl  vs. LoTW for some reason.  Maybe the fact the HRD and other software incorporates Eqsl as an auto upload ???

Still don't know why some hams wait so long to QSL  or just blow folks off  with zero response.   Always heard that the final courtesy of a QSO  is a QSL.  Guess some hams just have no manners. 


 "Whether rumor or not, I have also heard many people don’t use LoTW because they don’t support ARRL or its political views.  I find that somewhat odd since they are pretty much the only voice in Washington that is _for_ our hobby.  Like it or not, they are the best (i.e., only) representation we have."

David, K9DWR
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