Re: Why not QSL?

David, K9DWR

It has not been uncommon for me to get 2013 QSLs in LoTW recently. In some cases, I think it’s people that are slow to figure things out. Setting up TQSL is not trivial; I have had to hand-hold pretty much everyone in my area through the process to get them set up. eQSL is easier, but the computer seems to be intimidating for a lot of folks. Granted, that should be less of an issue for people that use PSK, but it’s still a real factor.

Whether rumor or not, I have also heard many people don’t use LoTW because they don’t support ARRL or its political views. I find that somewhat odd since they are pretty much the only voice in Washington that is _for_ our hobby. Like it or not, they are the best (i.e., only) representation we have.

David, K9DWR
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That happens with lots of frequencies....In this year 2017 they are confirming in the log In my year 2010


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