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John Etling

The issues that bother me the most is:


  1. If you make a SKED with someone in the LotW room, it is assumed that by them also being there that they are looking for an LotW confirmation from a state or DXCC. And if a SKED is agreed upon and completed, it seems the next thing a person should do it upload it to LotW (or where ever) knowing full well the reason a sked was made with that particular station. It just seems cold and mean-spirited not to complete the agreement, if you will. If that contact is made, it is pitiful that they would not upload that confirmation knowing that person is waiting for it.
  2. As previously noted, most software packages (like DXLabs, and the hated HRD to name a few) automatically upload the confirmation as soon as you hit log… the hardest thing is to set up your credentials initially in the software. Once done, it is self-containing... nothing more a person needs to do.
  3. I still feel people are worried LotW and eQSL charges to use their services. Neither charge a fee to upload QSL confirmations. Eqsl does charge a fee if you want to use a custom card… but so long as a person goes through the authentication procedures, one becomes authenticated and every confirmation from an authenticated user counts towards their awards, which, luckily most eQSL users are authenticated. I could care less that the card is a “cookie cutter” card from eQSL… All I am looking for is the confirmation.
  4. Every QSO I make is uploaded to LotW, eQSL, HRDLog, ClubLog and QRZ and all I do is literally hit LOG and all the confirmations are sent within a few seconds, save LotW which does require me to send them via TQSL… again 1 simple extra step.

I have made at least 5 IA contacts last 2 years on 20m PSK alone… not one has confirmed in ANY of the aforementioned QSL places. Ironically, the JT users from IA have sent confirmations. I have been waiting for IA to confirm on 20m for now three years… the ONLY state I need to get 20m PSK WAS (both with eQSL and LotW… and the only band I do not have WAS on.



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I can't explain it either. I love receiving and giving QSL cards. Cards are the final courtesy of a contact. I was like you, avid SWLer during my teens, came back last 22 years as a ham. Big difference in last few years of amateur radio.  The culture has changed - not sure for the best either. As an "old" fuddy duddy ham, in the past we never discussed (1) politics, (2) religion, and (3) sex. Now?? Geez, get on 80 meters and listen to all that trash! Quickly becoming CB radio in my opinion.

73 de Curt, K3URT, 100% verifier!


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The last topic of discussion delved into the area of QSL'ing a bit. I didn't want to continue that string but it does make me want to vent a little bit. Years ago as a novice in the 70's the only QSL'ing we did was those wonderful cards we hung up all over the shack. I got out of the hobby for many years after I retired from Army and Law Enforcement I jumped back into hamming in 2014.

Wow, now we have all sorts of methods of QSL'ing. We have bureau's , LoTW, eQSL, HRDnet, etc etc...and oh by the way, old faithful, USPS QSL cards.  With all these methods it would seem so easy to QSL a contact...wouldn't it?  I mean most logging programs can actually upload it to the site automatically or at least with a click of the mouse.

So why am I at LoTW 49% QSL rate, eQSL at 63%, and a handful of QSL cards. The cards, I understand, postage, time, whatever. But when all one has to do is click a mouse to sent TNX for QSO, I don't understand.
Some operators (ME), have 6 or 7 QSO's from MA, no QSL, NM 4, no QSL...shall I go on? 

You almost have to work your WAS two times to get enough QSL's to confirm your award.  I QSL 100% to LoTW and eQSL, and even QRZ and it is not a big effort or inconvenience.  Anyway, I think we deserve to do better for each other. You never know who needs that one QSO to complete an award.

Nothing in this is directed at any one particular ham, club, or group. It is just a little rant on a Sunday night from a part time curmudgeon. :).

Happy QSL'ing all,

73 Steve  


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