Re: Why not QSL?

Jerry N9AVY

Eqsl's that don't match your logs are usually an error of some sort such as wrong time/date, wrong/mistaken call, partial QSO,  or as Eqsl once stated there are those out there who want to get WAS/DXCC  without getting on the air.  Have had a few in the past.

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Excellent post, I am waiting for one state that I worked, sent my eqsl (they do use it) but nothing sent back. It is so easy now to respond but why don't they? My Fldigi auto logs to N3FJP and Eqsl gets sent automatically. I still have to manually enter psk31 into QRZ and send LOTW monthly. My WSJT-x auto logs into all three and sends eqsl automatically. Curiously, I periodically will get an eqsl that I have no log entry for. I don't log incomplete qso's, so I wonder if that is what they are.
Thanks all, Mike T., WB2YJS

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