Winter Field Day & Worked All States


Bill, et al,

WAS’s a good opportunity...

Winter Field Day is going on.

Many traces on 20m right now from all over the US. (haven’t checked the other bands)

I just worked 7 different states in 7 Q’s.





LONP #76

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Hello everyone, wow just looking at my logbook and it looks like I need 7 more states for the WAS Award. I need the following AK, CT, ID, MD, MT, UT and HI. I generally work 20 meters as that is my best setup. If anyone can help that would be awesome, if not I will keep my eyes on the waterfall and sooner or later will complete it, I should be on at about 1330Z today, 1/29/17 on 20 meters around 14.070, until then 73’s


K3ABE - Bill

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