Re: Any 070 members at quartzfest this week?


I'm salivating on my keyboard.  Sounds like a great time for sure.

When I was in Tucson years ago a few of us decided to take a dip in the pool before we met the others for dinner.  The temperature was in the mid seventies which we thought was great.  The locals walked by the pool with their jackets on and looked at us like we had two heads.  I guess they thought that we were nuts to be in the pool when it was so cold outside.

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Hey Joe,

Sorry  you couldn't make it this year.   We're having a blast out here. There's nearly 600 hams in several hundred RVs all decked out with all types of antenni and solar panels on site so far, more keep showing up.   

wx here has been great, high near 60 and plenty of sunshine.   The locals think it's cold, walking around in winter jackets, i've been in tee shirt.   Keep telling them that this is like summer in New Hampshire.  Sun is higher in the sky here at 1700 then it is at noon this time of year back home.

Keep it on the bucket list, and get it crossed off soon.  It is definitely worth the trip!

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