Did you try aiming the shiny side towards Steve?




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Jerry - I tried that but my VERTICAL still didn’t pick him up!!!     LOL

Dan Morris  KZ3T





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If your software doesn't generate beam headings, you can plug in you long. & latitude  and get personal beam headings at :



DXCC Countries List & Personalized Beam Headings


This can be a big help when we have poor conditions.  I use K1MM software for chasing DXpeditions, etc. and it will generate short path and long path headings.  Very useful in mornings when signals might be long path rather than the short one.


Just another tool for us to use.


Good luck !



Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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Worst part is that I work from 16:00 to 20:00z when he is on



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       Hi,Hamette- I got himst 40degrees this am-1640Z first time ,not so good called again an was 579 !!so he is there.T.C. Jerry W8KQ


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I tried both short and long  . . . unsuccessfully


Paula K7PAX 


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You guys/gals with rotatables are looking long path, right??

I’ve gone back in my log from this qth and I have 21 Q’s with Indian Ocean stations...not VU stations...15 were long path...



LONP #76





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I've saved an image of my waterfall, so I can show you what I'm seeing. But if you can't decode my signal (note that I am quoting you) then I guess that explains why I'm not getting responses tonight to my CQs.



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