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Yes Duncan, your signal was really good here, but as it is, some people you
can call all day and they won't see your trace... and we had a qso, you
beaming short path and my beam on the long path... maybe it doesn't matter
in our case.. hi.
Anyway, it was a good contest and I think we all had a lot of fun.
73's Erika/DL2AYL

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Subject: [070] The Rumble

de Jungle Telegraph, (ZL3JT)
Why don't some of you psk'ers get better spectacles next time! I spent far
too much
valuable time pushin' buttons at people with bad eyesight and not seeing
my trace
from 10000 miles away. I worked Dick in Scotland and he was running 2
watts and a
cb antenna! He was just playin' around and gotta hellava surprise when I
him! I even gave the opposition some help by workin' ol' Jay!
Thanks to all those guys and gals who gave me a macro, and made my score
(over 20 grand!)
73s and see ya on my screen!

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