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Thanks Rick — I’m trying to set up a sked for one of the Manitoba hams. I hope to hear from him. the one that has a PODXS number VE4RK I cannot find an email for. I figure he would be a good one to try but no emails that I can find on QRZ or Buckmaster.

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For those working on the Maple Leaf -

You probably already know this, but....

Beginning Jan 1, 2017 Canada authorized special calls to celebrate 150 years since confederation. Ops can use either their normal prefix or change the prefix of their regular call:

VA to CF
VE to CG
VO to CH
VY to CI

Be sure to look for these "different" prefixes! I've seen CG9UN (previously VE9UN) from New Brunswick a lot in the evenings on 40m.

I worked only 2 Manitoba all of last year - VE4DPR and VE4RK. I'll post here on any Manitoba I see!

Rick - N7WE
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