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Hey Rick,
Go QRP and it won't feel strange at all! LOL.
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Okay all you guys, there are some of us that did not get a clean sweep, and are on daily trying to get that one contact....the bands are sparse lately, fire them back up and help your fellow members out......

Jim, K5SP

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The 365+1 is what John said.  But maybe a bit of background will be of help.

It all started with David' s - KJ4IZW -  "fiendish" 24/7 award which requires a PSK31 QSO in each 1 hour block in the week or 168 different hour blocks (24 x 7). Any band and you can work the same station in different hour blocks. That is not an easy thing to do!  It not only requires weird hours and going without sleep, but you have to learn a lot about nighttime propagation and when you can work to where.  Having friends (like here on the list) to set schedules with really helps.  It also helps if you are retired and don't have to get up to go to work in the morning. Hi hi! Not a lot of members have done it....only 30 out of over 2400 members at last count.

 After I completed the 24/7 and got caught up on sleep, I got to feeling like "what comes next?"  I was looking back at my log and was surprised to find that I only was doing a PSK31 QSO about 160 days out of the year on average.  Seemed like having a PSK31 QSO on each day of the year might be a good idea for "what comes next?"  So I suggested it here on the server, and several people thought it might be fun and increase the amount of PSK31 activity.  Only one problem....2016 was a leap year and would have 366 not 365 days.  Hence a special notation for working any Leap Day and the 365+1.

The official start was January 1, 2016.  Any PSK31 QSOs since that date count.  There is no end date that I'm aware of.  If you miss a day you can fill it in next year.  The idea is to fill all the slots - 365+1.  A few did it "clean sweep" in 2016.  Others have from just one day to many, many days to fill in during 2017 to complete.

When you upload your log to David's 070 Awards Progress Checker (as opposed to the KJ4IZW Contest Scorer) it automatically calculates your progress.  Just cli! ck on the 070-365 option on the Awards Progress bar and it open a page showing you the complete listing and status of everyone.  Find you call and click on it and it displays a matrix of the days you have worked and the days that are blank.

Good luck!  And I hope you find it as much fun as I did!

Rick - N7WE
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