PSKFEST Exchange


Hi Barry...
What you've stated is correct.
What I indication of what you should do, or what's correct or incorrect... is to simply use:
"Pls copy: n6mg - 599, - CA ok?"
It's not too difficult to add your call sign to the exchange as stated in the rules.
We do know each other's call; and the RST is useless as is probably the SPC.
But as a legit contest exchange, (the key word here is "exchange"), regardless of the operating event we got to swap something, ya know?
See you later tonight!

Just sayin',

LONP #76

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It states callsign, signal report, SPC

Do I send my callsign which he already knows or

his callsign which I already know.

Not nit picking, just want to enter the correct data.

CU later



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