Re: Triple Play Low Band Sprint DOUBLEHEADER 12-18&19 -2016


I feel your pain buddy.  I've been there and I'm sure it isn't any fun for you .  You just can't seem to get comfortable no matter what you do.  What your task will be is to make the insurance company feel your pain.  Been there as well.

Good luck and hope that you get some relief soon.

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Hey Matt,

I'll take a handful. I didn't work any stations, so nepotism isn't a problem, Hi Hi
Sound like you and I are in the same bad back boat. I just had the Denervation procedure done on my L5-Sacrium joints.

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No, you didn't miss it.  There's some technical issues happening, plus David just had twins that are keeping him extremely busy, plus he's in a busy time of year with his job.

We'll need to just submit them to somebody for manual scoring this time, I'm afraid, if we're going to get them scored.

I'm afraid that my plate is quite full now, too, with my excruciating back issues (hopefully some nerve blocks will help - just gotta get the insurance company to OK them instead of saying NO! ~GRRRRR~)  and many other 070 tasks that I must catch up with.

Any volunteers to take the handful of ADIF files and go through them, generating a list of place winners per category and an overall list of participants?  

Thanks for y'all's patience on this one!


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 Did I miss it or has the scorer for the 2016 Triple Play Low Band Sprint DOUBLEHEADER not been posted?
73 Bob KF3AA  #124

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