Re: What do you want to achieve in 2017?

I accidently deleted the link to the digital survey. So whomever posted the link could you please repost it so I can take it?
I won't be so careless this time. ( checked too many boxes too quickly)
I guess the 1's and 0's in the brain were defeated by a high BER.  Possibly time for a reset.


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You're right, but my log won't be a good metric. I will typically not call a station I've worked before unless I need that station for an award or for 365 or something similar.

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Starting from 2001 could mean that some could be SK now.

Try starting from 2015. and see what kind of results you get. ( I got 3 in 2015-16  :-(   .... )

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Just checked my log. I have 34 unique Chilean stations contacted on PSK31 between 2001 and now.

(Note that this does not include Easter Island, CE0Y doesn't count as Chile for the DX Special.)

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...but I wonder if there are 20 stations in Chile who operate PSK31...

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