PSK31 QSOs with Chile

Bill Garwood

It was mentioned earlier today some concern about there even being 20 PSK31 stations in Chile.  I started with PSK31 in 2013.  A check of the log shows QSOs with about 50 call signs in Chile on PSK31.  There are stations in Chile that are using multiple call signs.  I have multiple QSOs with XQ7UP Esteban in Santiago using different calls.   I've worked stations with CA, CB, CE, XR, XQ and 3G9.  Look for lighthouse and island activations as well as special events.  I'm not sure how that fits the endorsement rules as it states QSOs with 20 different stations but I'd think 20 different call signs in a year would be acceptable.

It will be a challenge.  Have fun!


Bill N4GBK

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