Re: What do you want to achieve in 2017?

Goals for 2017.
Jump into a few contests.
Build some things.
Try to bounce more RF off of the ionosphere than in 2016.
Complete the portable setup so I can have some APE tall tails to tell.
Generally just have fun with the hobby.

HNY to all PODXS.  Hope 2 C U all in 2017.

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I echo John's comments/  

My goals are just to work a bunch of stations I haven't worked (and some I have). work more DX. 

I'd like to work the specials, but I've only heard a couple Australians in past year ( could we get some wildcards on this ?)  .  Belgium might be doable, but I wonder if there are 20 stations in Chile who operate PSK31.

Glad to have finished 365+, but I found myself being drawn to shack to work more 365+ stations....  huh, what  ?  Doh !

Mostly,  I plan on having more fun this year !

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WOW Bill… you actually had 13 Croatian stations logged? I never heard a one all year! Congratulations on that alone… Shoot, you ought to get that endorsement anyways as I am pretty sure you would be the top Croatian getting’ QSO logging station easily.
As for Belgium and Australia this year, maybe doable but to get 20 each – probably not gonna happen on my part of the country. Chile should be a doable for me… I usually have no starvation of Cuban and or Chile stations! I had Cuba knocked out by early summer!
Good luck with the goals… hope you as well as everyone else succeeds in their specific goals this year! Me, I personally do not have any “real” goals this year other than to continue the comradeship and the fun!
…I’m Just Sayin’
73 de K3JAE
John A. Etling
ARES EC - Carroll County, TN
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Hi Folks and Happy New Year!
Here are some of my comments for 2017.  First my PSK goals: I plan to continue to participate in all of the 070 Club Contests .  I should continue to get more LONP numbers from the contacts in the contests.  I especially enjoy contacts with new members and/or folks looking for QSOs on certain bands.  Email me if you need a QSO for whatever band (160, 30,17,12 etc).
I am still hunting for new US grid squares.  I need 1 grid in four states to complete those states and need 2 grids in four more states to complete them.  I hope to get some of them finished this year.
The new for 2017 Awards.  Based on past experience and current propagation, the Belgium award should be within easy reach.  I do not have many Chile stations in the log and doubt I can find 20 different ones this year but I’ll try.  Australia will be a miracle unless some of the higher bands open up.
(I also plan to work on more awards from that other PSK Club.)
Additional comments: I plan to achieve the ARRL WAS Triple Play.  I have WAS on PSK31 and CW, need to get 50 states confirmed with Phone.
The 365+ Award this past year has kind of beat me up trying for QSOs with the current propagation.  I am fr! ustrated with all of the canned macros that keep getting sent out.  Software version and release?
I thought I might get the Croatia award in 2016.  Had 13 worked by the end of June.  Ended up with 14.  I still saw 9A stations, just they were the same ones over and over.   I had the same thing happen with the Japan award in 2015.
I plan to try some new (to me) digital modes.
Kudos:  We have a great bunch of people in this club.  I especially thank folks behind the scenes who help with new members, mailing out stickers etc.  Matt and David continue to amaze me with all they do.
Happy Radio 2017!
Bill N4GBK  FM16 in NE NC

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Hey Fellow 070-ers!

It's almost 2017.  So how about a discussion thread on what your radio goals are for 2017?  Not New Years Resolutions - but goals about what you want to do and what you want to achieve during the next year.  What contests do you want to be sure to work?  What new endorsements do want to complete?  Upgrade your station?  New antennas?  Operate portable?  Do an APE?

Why post them?  Because it's true that the probability of achieving your goals is much higher if you tell others what they are!! 
So here are mine:
1)  Complete the WTW endorsement.  I only need 14 I's and 13 N's.  But it sure gets hard here at the end.  So many calls have been used that aren't available anymore.
2)  Get on 6m this summer and make some contacts!  I'm ashamed to say I've only logged 6-6m QSOs in the past.  This is the year to change that!
3)  Try the Ragchewers Endorsement.  I haven't one qualifying QSO for this endorsement.  I'm not a brilliant conversationalist.  I like to listen more than talk.  The longest PSK QSO I've ever had only lasted 16 minutes.  So I have some work to do!
OK.  Your turn.   I'd like to know about your goals!
Rick - N7WE - #1602

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