Re: 12M PSK31 Activity

Bill Garwood


I have been a regular on 12 meters.  Nothing lately.  Band is dead.  So is 10 meters.

I am having some limited success in the mornings around 1500 UTC working Europe on 15 meters.  Saw a ZS this week on 15.  Try 17 meters in the mornings as well.  Openings are brief and then shut down quickly.  Worked C31MF Andorra on 17 meters a few days ago for a new one on that band.  In the evenings, I have not seen any JA or KH6 stations in weeks.  One UA0 popped in on 20 when the band was "dead" but he was gobbled up quickly by west coast US stations calling.

I am having some success on 40 meters just before sunset 2200 UTC on 7.040. Croatia, Albania, Asiatic Turkey, Ukraine and several Russians as well as western Europe.  I've seen some mid-west US stations working into EU on 40 meters.

30 meters should be open to somewhere but there is no one using that band.

Y'all have fun.

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK FM16 NC #1688

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Has there been much PSK31 activity on 12M lately???   Have tried calling CQ for a while at different times for a few days.  No traces seen on the screen.  24.920

Don K9DEB  #2007

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