Re: 31 Days Left!

Some of us will catch up in 2018,2019 2020........2030.
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I’ve given up on even trying for Croatian Stations. I have literally worked Zero, nota, zilch, none this year, not even heard one of them this entire year. Such is life…
…I’m Just Sayin’
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There's also  31  days left  to catch some 9A  (Croatia)  stations.  Read somewhere there are some special event stations using 9A70  prefixes that end on 12/31.
Unless we get some great propagation in next 4 weeks, the 20 (a stations for the endorsement will be a near impossibility unless we can find a remote station in Europe, hi, hi !    :-)

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Yup than some of us can play catch up in 2017!
John KE4JB
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Just 31 days left in the year and the 365+1 contest!

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