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Bill Garwood

I have had some success with 80 meter PSK31.  I regularly check for activity as some nights there are more ops on than others.  So far, I have 39 states and 16 countries confirmed.  I am in eastern NC.  

As mentioned, 3.580 is the recommended frequency.  At my QTH, W1AW code practice is at 3.581.5 and booms in at 30 or 40 dB over S9.   It used to cause me big problems with my old radio but my current radio has a sharp notch filter that lets me almost remove the W1AW signal.  If you are calling CQ at or near 3.581.5, folks on the east coast may not see your signal as W1AW may wipe it out.  I suggest 3.580 + 1000 or below or 3.581 + 1000 and up.

I have worked DX on 3.578 on up to 3.583.  Not noticed any problems with JT65 or other digimodes.  Do hear occasional CW QSOs.  Keep an eye out on HamSpots for 80 meter reports.  You might be surprised what you can get on any given night. Conditions vary a lot.

If I see any NEW stations calling on 80 meters, I'll try to give you a QSO.  If I've already worked you on 80, I'll probably pass.  I can also make a sked with you.  I should be able to make a contact with anyone in the eastern half of the US/Canada on most nights.  The western US is a bit more tricky but I have CA, OR and WA confirmed.

Happy Radio and have a great week!


Bill N4GBK FM16

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I have managed to make QSO's every evening on 80 meters, at 3580.  Noise level has been low, and have had very good copy on that band.  This has been for the last 4-5 days every evening starting about 0100Z, one evening had 7 QSO's in a little over an hour. 

Come down to the band this evening, I will be there calling CQ...

Jim, K5SP

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I rarely hear any JT modes on the PSK portion of the band, or near anything related to PSK. I work JT modes more often now than PSK and 3.576 (JT-65) and 3.580 (Jt-9) have been the only place I ever hear JT modes. PSK on 80m seems to be a very rare thing now-a-days, at least when I try to listen. I almost never see or hear PSK on 80m. Unless I am deaf on that band anyways.


…I’m Just Sayin’


73 de K3JAE

John A. Etling


ARES EC - Carroll County, TN

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Randy, JT65 is on 3576 and JT9 is on 3578 unless they really spread up toward 3580 where PSK is supposed to be. Try moving up just above the JT9 sigs and you might do ok.


Warren WQ1C

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