Re: Triple Play Logging Issue

Bill Garwood

Thanks Steve.  That is what I figured was going on.  You can use any 6 hours in each 24 hour UTC day.

We have another one of these Sprint contests coming up soon.  I hope either the rules are clarified and/or the contest checker is updated.

Have a good week!


Bill N4GBK in NC

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Bill -

I just looked at the data input page, and I have a guess as to what's going on. My suspicion (without reviewing the underlying code) is that the scorer is assuming that the three 6-hour periods are each starting within unique UTC days. That's why it only asks for the start TIME and not start DATE. But that imposes a restriction that wasn't in the rules, which you quoted below. 

I don't know how complicated a code change this will be. 

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Bill -

I'm anxious to hear the outcome of this, because I did something very similar--started at 0000z on Thursday night and 2300Z on Saturday, but I skipped Friday night as we had company.

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Operated 3 nights in the Triple Play contest.  Started Thursday night at 7PM local (0000 UTC), Friday night at 7PM local (0000 UTC), and Saturday night at 6PM local (2300 UTC).  Sunset here on Saturday was around 5 PM, it was Saturday night when I made 7 QSOs in the 2300 hour.

Ran my .adif through the scorer.  Start 1 and Start 2 are OK.  If I use Start 3 at 2300, I lose 25 QSOs as they are considered "check logs".  If I use Start 3 at 0000, I lose 7 QSOs as "check logs".  I left it at Start 3 0000 as that gave me the better score but I lost 7 QSOs and 3 multipliers.

As best as I can tell, the rules from the club website for last year's contest say "Operate your local Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for 6 hours each, starting at the time of your choosing on each night." This year was Thursday, Friday and Saturday.   

Either I messed up and started too early on Saturday or the scorer does not like my .adif.  Any ideas?

Enjoyed the contest.  Strange propagation.  Seemed to get as many DX stations as US stations.

Thanks and 73,

Bill N4GBK #1688 FM16 NC

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