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Thanks for the info Ray.  I will check that out and bookmark it for future reference.

Dan Morris

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If you are not familiar with the wide variety of digital modes, David Freeze W11HKJ, one of the developers of the fldigi software program, has put together a series of waterfall graphics and audio clips of the various ham radio digital modes. The web site is referenced below: 

While the page may not capture every one of the digital modes, it covers those that can be decoded using fldigi. It does not cover the Joe Taylor modes JT9, JT65, etc. that require specialized software. 

While some software programs will decode a specific mode such as PSK or RTTY, there are many programs such as fldigi, HRD DM780, DX Labs WinWarbler, etc. that will decode a wide variety of modes. While PSK31 is a great mode, if you see "strange" digital signals on the waterfall, use one of multi-decode programs (fldigi and WinWarbler are free), to see if you can figure out what mode is being used. Then try to make the contact. 

Sometimes you will see a signal on the waterfall that you can't decode. You might run across modes like Pactor 4 that can only be decoded with proprietary hardware specialized software. But that does not happen very often. 

Ray N9RWC 

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Ok, I figured one of those modes but just was not sure which one.  I’m not familiar with any of the modes or what they look like other than the PSK signals. . . Tnx Les 

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065

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Looks like one of the wide modes of Olivia or Contestia

Olivia 16/1000 to be exact 

Les k4lea 1746 

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Attached is what the signal looks like. 

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065 

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