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Sometimes you can't see another station calling the CQ'er so you think that you are the only one there and repeat your call.  The CQ'er, as described, gets another load of unintelligible
garbage.  What I find helps is if the CQ'er says "multiple stations" that is your clue to wait a bit then call so it sorts out on the other end.

As Rick says, "sometimes the magic works and sometimes......."

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I encountered this problem quite often when doing the NPOTA thing.  One trick that sometimes worked, was to vary the interval on my CQs. 

When things piled up and there were lots of doubles (and triples) I'd initially resend the CQ on my regular rhythm and then wait....60 seconds or longer.  Invariably, most would jump right back and and all I'd get is garbled garbage.  But some soon figured it out.  I suspect they are people who have experience checking into nets.  They'd wait till the frequency cleared and then drop their call only - once or twice.  Some were even clever enough to tail-end the guy who waited, and I'd pick them up next after the QSO with "dit X#xxx." 

Bottom line, whether you are CQing or responding, try varying your timing!  But then YMMV..."sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't."

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