Contest Misc.

Bill Garwood

Hi folks,

Tried to participate in the 160 meter contest last night with mixed results.  Hurricane Matthew nearby causing lots of lightning and blowing rain.  Finally, when the power started going on and off, I pulled the plug on the contest.  I really enjoy our contests.  Wish there was a 160 meter contest in the middle of the winter when the band was more quiet.

One problem I've had in our contests is when I call CQ contest... I get two (or more) stations answering my CQ at the same time.  Sometimes I can pick out a partial call sign and will call that station.  Most of the time, I get a scrambled mess that usually ends up with "pse k".  I then may call QRZ or say two stations calling, no copy or similar.  Then everyone calls again.  Then I do the QRZ again and the next thing I know, there is no one calling.  Everyone moved on.  It was a waste of time for all of us.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to improve the results when multiple stations are calling at the same time?

Happy Radio!


Bill N4GBK in eastern NC

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