Re: Texas Guys APE Aug. 19 - 21

stan W9SMR

Wow!!  Knocked my socks off.

I received a QSL and absolutely beautiful, classy, professional certificate from Larry, WB5CXC recognizing my single QSO with their Lake Sam Rayburn A.P.E.

To Larry, WB5CXC, Charles, W5WF and Ken, K5KRB, "Fantastic" job, guys. With less than ideal propagation, your 65 QSOs gave a lot of PODXS'ers a nice challenge. You are pushing the bar even higher!

Hope to see many more APEs making the effort next year to enjoy this great opportunity to excite their fellow PODXS members. 

W9SMR    #1611
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Looking forward to working the "Texas Guys APE" this weekend ......

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Larry and Ken,

Looking forward to your APE. Just to clarify, will your primary operating be on 40 - 10M or 40 - 20M?

I like your switchover plan.  Hopefully you will be able to post your band changes, too.

Now if we get some good propagation we'll make it work. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

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WB5CXC and K5KRB will start our APE at Lake Rayburn on Aug. 19 - 21.  We  will operate 40 -10M depending on band conditions.  We are going to try something different this year.  During the day we will tune over to 17M on the hour for at least 15 minutes, and during the evening and nights we will change to 30M.We might be joined by one or two other of our team.  We give out custom QSL cards and also a custom certificate.  See you on the bands. 

WB5CXC # 1616

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