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As for 11a.....

Make certain that you pass on a big thank you to the wife from those of us who were trying to hunt you down for the last few months.
We certainly hope that the XYL really enjoyed herself, radio notwithstanding.  Oh yeah... you too.  It must have been quite an odyssey.

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Amen !

#1.  is why I now own 6 hack saws because I keep forgetting to take one with me.   :-)

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We are home and have had a few minutes to catch our breath.  Though I'd share these final trip thoughts with the group.

Things I learned on the road.
1.  If you forget to take the soldering iron, you will buy one.
2.  No matter what the "experts" tell you, propagation is not reciprocal!  They can hear you when you can't hear them and you can hear them when they can't hear you.
3.  Terrain matters.  Terrain really, really matters!  Mountain tops are much better than canyons.
4.  You wouldn't believe how quiet a really quiet site is!  Electrical noise is the invisible pollution and unless you are miles from is polluted.
5.  It is fun to be on the other side of a pile up.
6.  Dense smoke kills microwave communications (cell and WiFi), and I'm not sure how it effects HF, but I'm pretty sure it does.
7.  There are really very few bad operators out there, but it only takes one to screw things up for everyone.  Most bad operators don't know they are bad operators, but telling them would be a waste of frequency.
8.  Murphy travels with you when you operate portable.
9.  Off the grid, when the battery is drained, you are done.  (I knew that!  Why did I keep forgetting?)
10.  Operating is much, much easier with internet access.  I'd gotten used to instant info fill, automatic logging, spots, etc. and was taking it for granted.  Not anymore!
11.  There is a lot more to a road trip adventure than ham radio, but ham radio sure adds a lot!

And one thing I knew before, but was reminded of over and over again....

My loving, supportive wife (even though she is not a ham) encourages my radio activity, making it even better!  Thank you sweetheart!

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