Re: USS Pampanito

Ricky Scott <kf7qz@...>

Steve, thanks for the Nice QSL card and brochure, I
dropped my QSL in the mail. Its great to see an old
boat get such good publicity.

Now to apply for my Uboat endorsement on my 070 award

Rick KF7QZ

--- wrote:
OK...I am going to the sub again....Now to see if I
can get my days
and times right...I will be there working PSK31 on
Sunday, October
7th from 1600 Z to 2000 Z....that is 9:00am to
1:00pm PST.

Hopefully I got the days right this time. If not,
just turn on your
rig and just keep looking for me. Call sign of the
sub is NJ6VT.

I know that you might be a bit pooped out after the
Rumble (I hear
the Top Dogs will win), but give a listen on Sunday.

Freq's - I will start on 21.071, and may also try

If 15 and 10 condx are poor I will move to 20

73, Steve KQ6VH

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