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Bill Garwood


I agree with all that Rick said.  My experience is you find some interesting contacts when calling CQ on a "dead" band.  20 meters in the middle of the night sometimes will give you a QSO or two.  Also, do not forget 30 meters seems to be open to somewhere just about all of the time but there are not many people using 30 meters.  I've worked Hawaii and Australia on 40 meter PSK31, that's 4,800 and 11,600 miles respectively.  It was dark here but daylight there.  You might check for European stations on 40 meters 0200 to 0600 UTC, around or just after sunrise at their end.  They are usually on 7.040, not 7.070.

It takes time and can be frustrating but you will get it done if you keep trying.  The 070 folks are great and will help.

Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK in eastern NC FM16  

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Glad to hear you are working on the 24/7!  It is a crazy endorsement but oh so satisfying when you've done it!

A couple of suggestions for those tough dark hours:

1.  There are a few of us east coasters (I'll be home soon) that are old guys who don't sleep too well anymore and get up early.  3 to 6 your time is 6 to 9 our time.  When I was working on the 24/7 I could usually find someone on either 80 or 40 in that time period.  Call CQ - even if you don't see any activity on the waterfall.  Keep calling!  You'll be surprised at the response!

2. Don't overlook qso's with Japan.  There are a lot of PSKers in Japan and qso's are generally fairly easy from the west coast.  Your dark hours are their late afternoon and evening.

3. You will get a lot of help just by posting in this forum that you are working on 24/7 and what time and bands you plan to be on.

Above all....stay after it!  It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to get this one.  That is what makes it so rewarding!  There are only 28, out of over 2400 members, that have achieved this endorsement since it was instituted almost 6 years ago!  You can do it!

Rick - N7WE/P
070 #1602
currently in Peculiar MO (no joke - Peculiar MO)

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