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Jerry N9AVY

So,  KK4YW is really on NA-137 - Good  , I'll look for him again.  Need a few more IOTAs  for my overall IOTA award total which is around 279 now, but have a few more cards floating around out there.  Still trying to figure out what new IOTA group is doing and whether or not LoTW contacts and such will count. 

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Jerry -

Got N3SRO just after you signed.

Yes, I saw a few QSOs with KK4YW a few nights ago, up in Maine on NA-137. 

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 Got him after he worked a couple stations.  One of the stations was KK4YW  who I thought said he was on NA-137coat of  Maine near Portsmouth; however, he disappeared after that.  Looked for him with no success.

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Subject: [070] Hattaras Island NA-067

David N3SRO is mid band on 40m from NA-067
John KE4JB

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