Re: Equipment Failure - N7WE/P

Gee Rick if you could somehow get that magic smoke back in you would be OK.
There must be something in the air tonight because my computer burped right at the end of our QSO and dumped me out of Digipan.
Very rude.
Thanks for all the Q's despite fires out west and smoke escaping in Yankton.  You should write a book.
Joe KA1PPV  #1482

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Yes, "Contest style QSOs "  !!!!     Keep 'em  short and quick .   Long macros just tie things up.  Give Rick a break and  only send call ,report, and 73 QSL !  

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Well, Murphy arrived.  The switcher power supply that I use when operating from the motor home just let the smoke out in a big way!  So I will be running battery power only until we get home and I get the linear going again.  I will still try to give out as many grids as possible, and will definitely try to continue the 365+1 run.  But please understand if the QSOs get a little more "contest style."

Thanks for understanding!

Rick - N7WE/P

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