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John Etling

I have seen and responded to calls for WAS TN so it does work, if I see it. I feel it is my duty to assist them as I hope they would assist me in return if required. And who knows, the looking call might be in a state I need as well so both are then satisfied. Calling CQ for a particular item, in my opinion, is never a waste of bandwidth.


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73 de K3JAE

John A. Etling


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For years I see lots of PSK  station  calling CQ  WAS for whatever state(s) they need and I've been wondering about the effectiveness of this.  Are the stations just wasting watts or do they ever really get answers ?   Seems  to me that just scanning the bands would work much better, but I might be wrong.


So, thought I'd toss this out to membership  and see what kind of answers show up.


Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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