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Bill Garwood

Looking for you on 15.

Bill N4GBK in NC.

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On the Air Again!!

As we retired last nite, the wind was whipping and we stripped all the plastic sheets from the pontoon and recovered the boat as best we could, all in the dark. By this morning we had received over 5 inches of rain. We have some limitations in our antenna options, but will be able to return to duty on all bands.

Bob has resumed his 6m at the top of the hour. Bob will then alternate between 20m and 17m.

Stan will alternate between 40m and 15m.

We expect to shutdown at 12:00 noon, 1600 UTC. We have a lot of cleanup and packing to do.

We will entertain any requests to fill in missing bands. Post your desires.

We think there are at least two folks with 8 bands. Unbelievable!!

Get on the air!


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We've had some fairly strong winds move through the area, and thunderstorms are predicted, starting in half an hour through 10am tomorrow, some of them heavy, so we are going to call it a night.  Hopefully we can get back going again tomorrow morning - see you then.

Bob, KC9UR

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