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Morris WA4MIT

I did finally got it to work, I sorted for only USA call signs then cleaned that up with ADIF Master and it worked showing my 360 grid squares worked, I also did same with some from EU and that also worked. HRD outputs a lot of ADI info on a export and I think all that stuff confuses the site. But anyway I did finally get a map with grids showing. Thanks guys for your input/help hope everyone has a good weekend.
73 wa4mit Morris 

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Morris -

I didn't select any bands or dates, but I did play with displaying the grids--labels on and off, supergrids and labels, etc. I did try the FFMA button and it only counted 6m contacts. 

I used a much smaller ADIF than my full log. I have a separate file that only has the grid squares for 070 submission, so my file processed very quickly.

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I uploaded a file with no error msg I selected 20M, 2015 clicked upload and show prgm seemed to be working then nothing shows, no map no anything. What am I missing?
wa4mit Morris

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Page has a band filter, but not a mode filter. Uploaded my last PODXS file and it seemed to work fine.
Don K9DEB #2007
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Posted at the top of page is a limit to the amount (size) of the file you can upload to the grid sq. site Jerry I uploaded but it did not seem to do much but maybe I do not know exactly how to use the site. I ticked it to show grids but it did not.
73 wa4mit Morris
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Jerry, posting things that you CANNOT do is proof that you’re an idiot, narcissistic personality, and an asshole!
You obviously don’t have the knowledge to upload a simple .adi file!! Who else brags about the things he fails at?
Your shack fallen apart again, yet? .
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Tried uploading an adif to that, but it didn't work for some reason... probably my inexperience or a computer glitch.'
Jerry  n9avy #454

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I just saw a reference in this week's ARRL Contest Update email to an online tool to turn you ADIF in a grid map. 
Since it takes an ADIF input, you can upload the same file you upload to KJ4IZW's log checker. 
Interesting way to view your progress.

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